MH17 crash… and after

MH17 crashed in the Ukraine when Australia was asleep… I was writing from the first hours from London and for the next two weeks, in Kiev.

Stories included:

The first story (after many updates) of the crash.

First report from Kiev the next day, where a huge floral tribute sprung up outside the Dutch embassy.

International observers report from the crash site

Ukraine hands out ‘proof’ that pro-Russian separatists shot down MH17.

Kiev complains about ‘amateur’ body recovery.

Kiev reports negotiations over crash site access.

Ukraine’s PM claims separatists are preventing recovery of the dead.

Train carrying the MH17 dead leaves the town near the crash site.

Observer sees evidence that wreckage had been tampered with.

More evidence of looting at the crash site.

Planes carrying the dead fly to The Netherlands

Dutch crash investigators start forensic work.

Foreign minister Julie Bishop visits Kiev for talks

Update on work by international forensic teams at the crash site (two versions).

The political stalemate that stalled the mission.

A feature on the gloomy mood in Kiev.

Ruslana and Kiev propaganda.