Ten reasons listicles suck

1. They’re a waste of time

2. At best facile, at worst actively awful

3. Often actively mean about something you love

4. They over-simplify

5. Sometimes just ads in disguise

6. Preserve things best forgotten

7. Did we mention they’re a waste of time? Like, both your time and mine? They waste the time of the maker of the listicle, the editor of the home of the listicle, and all the readers of the listicle.

8. They’re Nick Hornby’s fault. Or maybe, we’ve all screwed up a good idea that Nick Hornby had.

9. They’re never as long (or short) as they should be

10. They’re an irony-free zone

11. They’re just a bit too stupid to feel like a legitimate target for complaint, but also really annoying. Also, see 9.