Crisis in Cyprus

Closed for businessA badly managed rescue deal sent Cyprus into a financial panic. I wrote a feature and then went to the island to write a series of news reports and colour stories on how the situation affected Australian expats (Including page one story: ‘I went to sleep as a rich man, woke up poor’ – see below).

Published in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and online, over the week 23-30 March 2013.

First feature ‘Sorry but we’re closed for business’ here.

News/colour reports:

Cyprus reels at edge of eurozone

Cyprus on the brink

Leaders strike late-night deal

Walk in these shoes and you’ll feel the pinch

‘It’s going to be frightening’

Fear of run on Europe’s banks

Cypriots fear austerity

‘I went to sleep as a rich man’

Cypriots look to dump euro